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Actuarial Litigation Support Services


When are FBFSA services needed?

In what form are services provided?

Actuarial Opinion Letters - Where the attorney has clear facts and less complex situations and states that a settlement is highly likely, FBFSA can prepare a brief opinion letter with some tables. If the case subsequently goes to trial the Opinion Letter can be expanded into a more detailed Actuarial Report.

Actuarial Report - There would be extensive data gathering, fact finding and research to determine the rationale for actuarial assumptions and data to be used in the calculations. the Actuarial Report is an expanded Opinion Letter where assumptions and methods are well documented to ensure they are defensible in a court of law.

Actuarial Testimony - Although cases are usually settled out of court, actuarial testimony in the form of a deposition, written testimony and/or court appearance may be needed. The Actuary may be asked to review another expert's report and offer an opinion on the opposing expert's report. To present actuarial testimony as concisely and accurately as possible, the actuary will usually prepare graphs, charts, and exhibits.